Why we need World Sustainable Toy Day

The global toy industry is the most plastic intensive in the world with a linear business model based on high consumption of disposable plastic toys. It is on track to produce 1 million tonnes of waste annually. At the same time 75% of kids are worried about their future because of climate change and the oceans are in a plastic-waste crisis..Toys shape how kids see and interact with the world, which gives us the opportunity and responsibility to use play to help them become more climate confident. I think we can leave them a better legacy than ocean waste and toys they lose interest in after just one week!

How did WSTD start?

One day in September 2022, Helen Townsend, from the climate change focused toy company Sustained Fun, was walking her dog when she suddenly thought 'there should be a world sustainable toy day'. So as soon as she got home, she rang Anthea, her co-founder at Sustained Fun, who thought it was a great idea.

6 weeks later on the third Friday in November (one week before Black Friday) the inaugral World Sustainable Toy Day was launched with global supporters including organisations, companies and stores in the toy industry.

  • "IETP congratulates the team behind World Sustainable Toy Day. A day which brings the industry together to inform consumers is a wonderful idea and we hope to see this community grow over time."

    Carmel Giblin, CEO, ICTI Ethical Toy Program

  • "We have a shared vision and objective to promote safe, fun, sustainable play for all children. We very much look forward to a continued relationship, and joint advocacy of a carbon neutral toy industry.”

    Lauren Lincoln, National Coordinator, Toy Library Federation of New Zealand

  • Anthea Ibell

  • Helen Townsend