2022 - Toys that Last

Children lose interest in 25% of their toys after one week, and by the end of January, around 35% of Christmas toys are no longer loved*. No matter what they're made of, toys that don't get used are not sustainable and end up as landfill. This is why the theme for the inaugural World Sustainable Toy Day is Toys That Last

Make your own

Sian got into making her own soft toys from op shop materials when she was little. She still has a stash and gifts them to kids every so often. Squee.

70 years of Scrabble

The Fraser family still play with their Scrabble game which was made in England in 1954. Three generations of fun!

3 generations

Helen's rocking horse has been in her family for 3 generations!

Classic toys that last

This classic Kiwi Buzzy Bee pull-along toy has been played with by two generations.