How to Get Involved with World Sustainable Toy Day 2023

How to Get Involved with World Sustainable Toy Day 2023

Excited about World Sustainable Toy Day but not sure how to get involved?

Here's how:


- Sign up for the newsletter to stay updated
- Add your logo to the supporters’ page (use the sign up form).
- Do the Carbon Reduction Challenge.
- Follow on Facebook and Instagra- use the hashtag #WorldSustainableToyDay 
- Download resources to share World Sustainable Toy Day with your network

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Throughout the Year:

Every month from April to November we’ll be publishing blogs on the theme Towards a Carbon Neutral Toy Industry. Each blog covers a topic relating to carbon, climate change and toys. You may or may not agree with some of the suggestions on how we can move towards a carbon neutral toy industry - that's ok! At the end of each blog there are discussion questions.

Get your colleagues together with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, read the blog together and have a discussion! See what you think and which ideas you can implement into your sustainability strategy.

Sign up to the newsletter to receive notification when the blogs are published. Or check the resources for downloadable pdfs.

Monthly topics are:

April - Earth Overshoot Day - What’s the future of the toy industry?
May - The Toy Industry's Impact and Influence
June - Reducing Carbon by Prioritising Quality over Quantity
July - Reducing Carbon at Source
August - How to Measure Carbon
September - Carbon Offsetting - Green Solution or Green Washing?
October - Toys and Climate Anxiety
November - World Sustainable Toy Day

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On the Day (17th November)

- Have a get together with your employees or clients to celebrate progress you’ve made reducing carbon throughout the year.
- Have a get together to summarise the discussions you’ve had through the year and action points for your carbon reduction journey. 
- Use the blogs to have a WSTD workshop - read them all at once and discuss how you could implement more carbon reduction strategies.
- Use the hashtag #WorldSustainableToyDay to share on social media.

Need a speaker?

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Co-Creator of World Sustainable Toy Day, Helen Townsend, is available for speaking at conferences or other events. Get in touch to find out more.

Have ideas or want to get more involved?

Get in touch with Helen


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